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How do I make my skin clear without pimples

How do I make my skin clear without pimples
How do I make my skin clear without pimples

Clarity of the skin 

 Women instinctively seek to always seek beauty and everything that lends to their beauty is luster. Beauty is a lovable thing, and all people seek behind it and love it and appreciate it, but the pursuit of it remains within the reasonable so there is no excess or negligence, and one of the things that every woman loves, and taking part in it or her whole interest is Obtaining a flawless look complexion, the clear looking skin gives an aesthetic touch to every female, and lends shine to its owner, perishes everyone who looks at it, and every girl always strives to acquire everything that helps him reach her goal, which is a clear skin, a glowing look always Do not let ointment accept and use it, etc. A bum is only considered and counted, some of which help to achieve its goal, while others destroy everything they were seeking.

Skin purifying mixture or making the skin clear

As a girl like many girls, I always seek, like others, to obtain clear skin and look at the very least, but rarely use creams that seek to achieve this, to avoid their negative effects, so we all know how dangerous these creams are in the long run, and I always strive to reduce their use. But in return, I did not give up and worked hard in search of something that would give me what I wanted, and I worked hard until I came up with a mixture that is considered like other mixtures, I hesitated at the beginning before using it, but after that, I decided to take risks and try it on the pretext that it contains mostly natural materials and if I did not benefit from them then I will not It hurts me, and I actually tried it for about a year and a half and I am still up to this moment in which I write these words I use it, and now away from all introductions I will mention the ingredients of the mixture and the way to use it, but I would like first to mention that our skin is different and what suits my skin may not fit the skin of another girl I will list ingredients and how to use them:

the ingredients:

1- a tablespoon of starch.

2- A tablespoon of Vaseline.

3- A tablespoon of rose water.

4- A tablespoon of olive oil.

5- A tablespoon of glycolipid cream.

6- Three tablespoons of filtered lemon juice.

How to prepare

1- Mix vaseline, glycolipid, rose water and olive oil well until the ingredients are homogeneous.

2- Gradually add starch to the mixture, stirring, until it dissolves with the rest of the ingredients.

3- Add the lemon juice to the mixture, and stir until a creamy texture is obtained.

4- The cream is packed in a clean jar, and used four times a week.

How to use:

 Apply the cream to clean skin, leave it for an hour, then rinse it with lukewarm water to enjoy light skin, and get rid of spots and costs, as it can be applied before bed and face wash after waking up, and you will notice very beautiful results from the second use, God willing.

The role of water in getting rid of acne and making the skin clear

And it is necessary to regularly eat large quantities of water daily at a rate of two liters, which is equivalent to eight large cups daily, to work to moisturize the skin in general, and get rid of acne in particular, and that the water helps rid the body of all the toxins in it. Which in turn plays a big role in the appearance of these pimples on the skin.

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