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How to get rid of pimples in the body of children

How to get rid of pimples in the body of children
How to get rid of pimples in the body of children

pimples in the children's body

Children are characterized by their sensitive skin. Many red pimples with whiteheads appear on their skin and lead to a skin injury to the child, severe itching, and the reasons and factors that lead to the appearance of these pimples differ, so we will look in this article to talk On the causes and symptoms of warts in the children's body, in addition to treatment methods.

Causes of the appearance of pimples in the body of children

1- Skin rash:

 It causes many pimples to appear on the child's face, neck, and shoulders, and the cause of the rash is due to a problem with the thyroid gland.

2- Contact dermatitis:

 It occurs as a result of the penetration of a foreign body into the skin, in addition to taking some medicines that contain compounds that harm children.

3- Insect bites:

 The pimples may appear on various areas of the child's body due to exposure to bites and stings from insects, as these pimples are bothersome, and itch and pain.

4- Bacterial infection:

One of the symptoms of a bacterial infection is a pill that appears on the children's body, and it may be accompanied by a rise in body temperature.

5- Hormones:

Some hormones may be transmitted to the child through breastfeeding. Sometimes the reason for the appearance of these pills is due to problems with the child's hormones.

Symptoms of the appearance of pills in the body of children

1- High temperature of the child’s body.
2- The baby crying continuously.
3- Recurrent vomiting incidence in some cases.
4- Dropping saliva significantly.
5- Increasing the sensitivity of the child's skin.

Treating warts in the children's body

1- Avoid squeezing pimples.
2- Avoid using medications with astringent properties and topical fats.
3- Maintaining the child’s body cleanliness on a regular basis by using some types of soaps for children, which are characterized by being soothing and free from chemicals.
4 - Avoid using too much soap every time you want to clean the child, especially his face, bearing in mind replacing the soap with a piece of cotton moistened with a little lukewarm water.
5- Choosing a suitable lotion for the child, by consulting the pediatrician.
6- Drying the child’s face continuously, especially after eating, drooling and bathing, to avoid drying the water on the child’s face and feeling severe pain from the pimples.
7- Apply baby powder to keep the skin dry.
8- Reducing the intake of sugars and citrus from the mother if the baby is breastfeeding normally.
9- Apply compresses of lukewarm water to the affected areas of the child's body, especially on the cheeks.
10- Observe the period during which the pills appear, and confirm whether they are the result of taking certain types of medications or foods.

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