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Causes of benign breast cancer and its treatment

Causes of benign breast cancer and its treatment
Causes of benign breast cancer and its treatment

Benign breast cancer

Benign breast cancer is a common disease that affects women and girls, and the infection is frequent in girls in adulthood or under the age of thirty, and as soon as its symptoms appear until fear and tension cloud the lives of girls and women, the habit of connecting a chest mass to a malignant disease has occurred, The correct thing is that there are benign tumors that can be treated without damaging the health and shape of the body, such as lymphoma of the breast.

Symptoms of benign breast cancer

Among the most common and prominent symptoms that accompany benign breast cancer:

1- It is characterized by its flexible and spherical shape, in contrast to malignant cancer, which is characterized by its rigidity and its survival in its place.
2- In most cases, this tumor is not accompanied by any pain, and in other times it is accompanied by pain, and this depends on the size of cancer and its location from the breast.
3- The color of the nipple changed and the shape of the breast changed compared to the other breast.
4- bloody secretions other than milk that come out of the nipple.
5- Skin wrinkles and redness.

 Reasons for exposure to benign breast cancer

1- As a result of genetic factors.
2- A side effect of eating some foods.
3- Radiation.
4- Malnutrition.
5- A change in hormones.
6- Pregnancy after the age of thirty.
7 - Menstruation and its arrival before the age of twelve.
8- Relatives had breast cancer before.
9- Excessive sensitivity to the hormone estrogen, which plays a role in the formation of benign masses, which increases in size during the menstrual period or during pregnancy.
10- Infections and abscesses from the breast that precede menopause.
11- Take birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.

 Diagnosed with benign breast cancer

1- Diagnosis is initially through a clinical examination and an examination of the properties of the formed mass and observation of symptoms.
2- Making chest x-rays, which are known as mammograms.
3- In cases where resorting to ultrasound imaging is used.
4- Examining a sample taken from the mass through a special needle, and this method is called a biopsy.
5- In cases where the surgical opening is used, to exclude malignant cancer.

Treatment of benign breast cancer

Like the treatment used in the treatment of other tumors and is to maintain the mass unless it causes any symptoms or side effects, and some cases require its removal and the most important of them: a change in the size and shape of the mass, or the feeling of pain as a result of its location and size, its impact on the psychological position of the patient, and is removed Through surgery, by pulling it with a needle, or by antibiotic treatment, the treatment may be associated with a combination of complications such as bleeding and infection, with the possibility of the lump reappearing in the same place from which it was removed.

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